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In 1999 when this website was first introduced, I offered a free service to readers and people interested in dreams. I have always been interested in dreams myself, and have taught dream analysis for many years at the university and at my institute. I thought it would be fun to get dreams from all over, from all sorts of people, dreams talking about all kinds of things.

Of course, the dreamer herself/himself is the only person who can really analyze their own dreams, and is the final arbiter of the meaning of them. Still, we can discover so much from looking at the story of the dream, the character, the movement, the feelings, etc. Often this initial inquiry can open up deeper levels of meaning for the dreamer.

I have received hundreds of dreams. And they were very interesting and fun to work with. I would receive a dream via email, and I would respond with my analysis also by email. Sometimes we would carry the analysis a bit further together, but the process was soon done. I analyzed hundreds of dreams in this way, and it was all fun and exciting for me. Over time, my other work demands required more of my time and I found it necessary to put aside the dream project.

I am excited to be able to offer this service again to readers. This time, I will also respond to submissions by return email, but I will also ask permission to publish the dream, anonymously, in a dream blog or perhaps as part of the website.

Please send me your dreams! We can talk about it and see what your dream is saying to you, and see what you might be saying back to it. While you are at it, take a look at my essay on dreams which you can find on this website under Topics.

Send your dreams to me at: simko@mac.com or fill-out the form below.


Episode 1: Introduction to Dreams (Audio)

Episode 2: Remembering Your Dreams (Audio)

Episode 3: Interpreting Your Dreams (Audio)

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